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A screen-stage performance, that involves physical theatre materials with screen images, live and recorded, to create a coherent idea.

Tigers reveals the pendulum-mechanism which driven by self-blame, guiltiness and confession, in the context of striving for intimacy (in the sense of inner freedom) as opposed to correctness (the right thing to do).

“A Theatrical masterpiece, a French movie…”

“… I have to admit that from its’ first moment to the last they managed to surprise me with the connection between the myriad components of their piece, which is greater than the sum of each of the qualitative components…”

“...any sequence of associations, each angle of the wall, in every circle that the dancers create, in a duet or solo, and the trio, the impression that remains is the throbbing human heart of this excellent piece.”

Zvi Goern, Habama 04.12.2013

“Conflicted Tigers”

“I loved the instinctual quality of the dancers combined with the video excerpts and the music that was chosen they sharpened the imbalance of the ‘emotional boat’/rocking boat, and left the audience giddy.”

“The interesting composition created by the combination of dance and theatre, the schizophrenic point of view had left me ambivalent: whether to be grateful for my stability, with one line in my head: ‘Love me, love me not’ ”

Tzili Ben Yaacov, Gibor tarbut 04.12.20133


Created by Sharon Reshef Armony
Co-creator: Tomer Zirkilevich
Performers: Or Kristianpoler, Aviram Saar, Tomer Zirkilevich
girl: Daniel Ilan, Boy: Itan Reshef
Lighting Design: Tamar Orr
Stage operation: Zohar Shoef
Video operation and edit: Gil Sagi
Music supervision: Yuval Shaked
Producer and assistant director: Tal Cohn

With the support of The School of Dance Arts of Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and Arts and Tel-Aviv municipality

Premiered at TMU-NA Theater, Tel-Aviv, December 2013

Our thanks to: Udi Ben-Moshe, Yoav Ilan, Netti Lapidot, Amit Levi, Oren Mansura, Efrat Saar, Niv Sheinfeld, Thomas Suzemont, Yael Venezia, Yoav Wolf, Lee Yanor, Aya Zaiger, Inbal Zirkilevich, Nava Zukerman, the Kibbutzim College - the Faculty of the Arts, TMU-NA Theater

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